09:30 – 11:00


Opening session

i9 Reasoning in 3d

i9 standarts I

i9 Predictive Modelling

i9 Special: Virtual Eye ROOM

i9 standarts III

i9 Artificial inteligence

i9 data analysis

i9 Charters: Shaping the political Landscape

11:30 – 13:00

i9 BBC

i9 Lidar

i9 theories of space-time

i9 Public Exibitions

i9 standarts II

i9 from data acquisition to public communication

i9 standarts IV

i9 artificial inteligence

i9 data analysis

14:30 - 16:00

3D Landscape

On-line Archaeology

GIS Inter-Site Analisis

3D Building


GIS Representation


Classification and Analysis



GIS Patterns

 i9 Digital Preservation: What does archaeology want?

16:30 – 18:30

3D Reconstrution


Field Work Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology

Museums and Public

GIS and Landscape





I9: I+NOVE (I+Novate)+ Acção (Action) => I9Acção is Inovaction.

Each I9Acção will have a coordinator that will present the topic. After there should be presented not more than 3 papers. The idea is to have an intensive discussion about a certain subject.


Every session will have a topic; an expert will coordinate it, assess the papers and present them to the scientific committee.  The coordinator will also make an introduction to and a conclusion of the proposed topic.         

Papers with 15 minutes more 5 minutes of tolerance for questions and debate.

See the sessions Programme here  

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If you want to go to the historical, natural and archaeological excursion please Edit your inscription form.

I - All day excursion - city Ourém

Ourém is a living expression of an area in movement!

A long time has passed since both spheres became populated: to prove this, we have the archaeological stations that belong to the various periods and regions of the area, such as the pre-historic sites of the Gruta do Papagaio (Fátima), Outeiro do Marco (Caxarias), Agroal (Formigais), the roman villas of Olival, Arrochela (Espite), Rouquel (Rio de Couros) and Coinas (Atouguia), or even the medieval occupations of Freiria (Espite) and Abelheira (Cercal).

On its grounds we can find the Castle of Ourém , with an imprecise building date, but surely very old. Going back to as early as 1178 you can find rumours of a castle with a triangular plan. This national monument, exemplar on the territorial domain, would have been the soul of the walled burough, built on the hill of Ourém embellished with a Palace, a Church Colegiada, a Gothic Fountain, the Pillory, narrow streets and whitewashed walls.

What you will see:

  • The dinosaurs' footsteps discovered in 1994, in Bairro, region of Nossa Senhora das Misericórdias, present the longest and most ancient world record of Sauropodes footsteps and were deemed a Natural Monument in 1997.
  • The surroundings - Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros – rich in flora, fauna, caves, algares and other interesting geological formations.
  • The Ourém Castle and the Village.
  • The Etnographic Museum
  • 9h00Rendez-vous at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar
  • 9h30FátimaVisit to the Fátima Santuary
    11h30 – Aljustrel – Visit to Aljustrel (Valinhos e Museu Etnográfico)
  • 12h40 – Ourém – Lunch – Zona Histórica de Ourém – Visita guiada ao Castelo, Colegiada, etc.
  • 15h45 – Bairro – Visit to the dinosaurs footsteps.
  • 17h30Arrival at Tomar

II - All day excursion - city Sertã

Of roman origin, and in possession of an enviable natural and cultural heritage, the town of Sertã is located sweetly reclined over the lagoons of the Zêzere, Castelo de Bode e Bouçã.

With its pure offsprings you can enjoy the pleasure of the sun, the water and nautical sports that can be performed in relaxation and with no hurries.

Being a place of singular beauty, where you can discover precious villages and monuments, Sertã is located among the leafy and spontaneous immensity of the pine forests , on the biggest green area of all of Europe .

What you will see:


III - All day excursion - city Vila de Rei

Vila de Rei allies the tranquillity of living in the countryside to pleasurable walks in the surroundings, enjoying the beauty and hospitability of the Region. In ancient times and according to the oldest traces that exist in the area, the Celtics and later the Romans, were its first inhabitants.

In the town, one of the various important points is the Igreja da Misericórdia, which dates from the XII century and the old Igreja Matriz that dates from the XIII century. This one was profaned when the troops of Napoleon converted it horse stables in 1807.

At about 1Km of Vila de Rei you can find the Picoto da Milriça, the Geodesic Centre of Portugal. In this place located at 600m of altitude, you will be able to observe through a 360o angle, the whole panoramic view with great range. On the border of the areas of Mação and Sertã, there's a magnificent set, which includes a national monument - a bridge, called “of the three areas”, today almost in ruins and several river beaches, due to the regional natural resources.

Água Formosa is one of the most beautiful villages in the area of Vila de Rei. This village is characterized by its geographical location – on the slopes of a small valley. The houses appear on the slopes as if they were born there, the streets are made of slab and schist as well as most of the houses.

What you will see:

  • - The archaeological site of Conheiras
  • - The Geodesic Center of Portugal
  • - The village of Água Formosa
  • - The Museum
  • 9h00Rendez-vous at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar
  • 9h30 – Picoto da MilriçaGeodesic Centre of Portugal visit
  • 11h30 – Relva – Museu da Aldeia visit
  • 12h40 – Vila de Rei - LunchHistorical area of Vila de Rei .
  • 15h45ConheirasArchaeological Site
  • 17h30Arrival at Tomar